AT&T expands alliance with Amazon Web Services to improve connectivity, security and mobility

AT&T announced Monday that it is expanding business cloud networking solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers using AT&T connectivity can now have highly secure, flexible connectivity options to serve their cloud, cybersecurity and mobility needs. These solutions can help customers mobilize their workforce to support the digital age.

AT&T’s continued collaboration with AWS focuses on cloud, security and Internet of Things (IoT). AT&T is expanding the reach of how AWS customers can access the cloud more securely. AT&T FlexWare is now cloud-ready, and can directly—and more securely—connect to AWS. This will help businesses be more agile with edge computing.

With AT&T Private Mobile Connect, AWS customers can securely access AWS from a mobile device.  Workloads are moved from the mobile device, via the public network or through NetBond for Cloud, to AWS for all customers. This allows for more secure, easy access to the cloud wherever the end user is located, whether it be a headquarters, remote branch office or data center.

AT&T Threat Manager will allow AWS customers to proactively identify data patterns and threat activity that could affect their network and cloud environment. The technology has the ability to process 5 billion security events in only 10 minutes. AT&T analyzes the traffic in near real-time coming in and out of a device, connection or application. AT&T can then identify abnormalities to help prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities.

Earlier this year, AT&T introduced a dedicated IoT Starter kit, powered by AWS. The kit lets developers build their own solutions using AT&T IoT and AWS IoT. Developers can also use AT&T’s highly secure network and get application-level security. The companies are currently exploring options to bring AWS Greengrass to the AT&T FlexWare platform, which would enable edge computing to open up new IoT opportunities for businesses.

AT&T also offers Cloud Transformation Consulting services. AT&T helps customers select cloud solutions for their business. And if they choose, AT&T even facilitates moving their data. It’s part of the company’s holistic offering to advise customers, deploy and manage their cloud connectivity.

Last year, AT&T entered into a multi-year alliance agreement with AWS to optimize delivery of integrated solutions built on the companies’ respective cloud and networking capabilities. The collaboration is designed to help both existing and new customers migrate to and utilize the AWS cloud with the AT&T network. The solutions are intended to span cloud networking, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), security and analytics.

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