AT&T approves Altair’s ALT1210 LTE-M chipset on IoT network for new class of modules and devices

Altair Semiconductor, provider of LTE chipsets, announced this week that the ALT1210 LTE-M chipset has completed AT&T’s ADAPT chipset validation process. The ADAPT validation improves time-to-market and reduces the cost associated with the introduction of new Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Building upon the first live network trial of LTE-M with AT&T, this chipset validation and commercial availability furthers Altair’s commitment to AT&T and broadens the device and module partner ecosystem supporting LTE-M deployments.

The ALT1210 is an LTE CAT-M1 IoT chipset with CAT-1 fallback featuring downlink speeds up to 1 Mbps, with extremely low power consumption, and is software upgradeable to single antenna LTE CAT-1. ALT1210 is highly integrated with an on-chip PMU, DDR memory and a low-power application layer with a robust security framework for customer-developed applications, enabling designs with a few external components.

Altair’s OneSKU RF Technology enables supporting multiple LTE bands with a single device SKU, simplifying global IoT deployments.

Featuring a set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces, ALT1210 is ideal for a variety of IoT applications such as wearable devices, video cameras and industrial devices.

“LTE-M has the potential to connect more devices and applications than anything before.  When you introduce a new technology like LTE-M, it’s very important to bring together an ecosystem of network providers, module providers and chipset providers. Having Altair’s ALT1210 LTE-M chipset certified on AT&T’s network will help accelerate the promise of LTE-M,” said Cameron Coursey, vice president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T.

“LTE-M is essential to carriers’ cellular IoT strategies,” said Eran Eshed, VP of WW Sales and Marketing at Altair Semiconductor. “Being able to offer pre-certified chipsets and modules will significantly help vendors bring products to market quickly and cost-effectively. Our LTE-M collaboration with AT&T extends the existing and strategic CAT-1 engagement.”

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