Asavie teams with MultiTech to secure LoRa IoT connectivity from the edge to the cloud

Asavie, a vendor of enterprise mobility management and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, announced Thursday its interoperability with the MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit programmable IoT gateway. The combination offers organizations secure, seamless, end-to-end connectivity off the public Internet.

By providing a virtual private network, it enables organizations to protect data collection and transmission from interference, tampering and breach, even on low-power networks, while scaling cloud-based applications over a secure cellular backhaul. Moreover, it enables enterprises to rapidly rollout IoT projects and securely manage the vast amounts of data.

The combined Asavie and MultiTech offering protects both LoRaWAN connected sensors at the edge, as well as enterprise cloud applications.

“Together, Asavie and MultiTech are addressing the network connectivity and integration challenges hindering the implementation of IoT projects,” said Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie. “Asavie PassBridge offers businesses a secure, seamless, end-to-end IoT connectivity experience. With a protected backhaul across private cellular networks for all LoRa traffic, Asavie and MultiTech are providing companies with a flexible and affordable means of exploiting industrial IoT opportunities across many market sectors.”

“Many industrial IoT applications are mission-critical, and as a result need protection from security breach,” said MultiTech CEO, Stefan Lindvall. “That’s why we are committed to working with service providers like Asavie who deliver peace of mind as well as simplicity for IoT deployments.”

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