Arrow Electronics provides medical-grade computing solutions from ONYX Healthcare

Arrow Electronics announced Thursday that it has entered into an agreement with ONYX Healthcare USA, a medical computing device manufacturer of custom-built medical-grade (UL/EN60601) all-in-one panel personal computer (PC) and embedded computing platforms.

Arrow is now carrying the full line of Onyx products, including surgical workstations, medical touch displays, medical tablets, medical box PCs, patient infotainment terminals, battery-powered workstations, medical panel PCs and embedded motherboards. In addition, Arrow is providing its distribution and logistics expertise to Onyx to help the company scale and expand into various medical application markets.

Onyx specializes in custom-built medical device designs, which tend to have long-lead production cycles. Arrow is sourcing and stocking components for these unique, long-lead time custom-built products, helping Onyx accelerate and scale its service offering to medical device customers’ demand in a timely manner.

“We look forward to collaborating with Arrow to provide a one-stop shop for medical device design and manufacturing service, and to take our business in medical markets to the next level,” said John Chuang, president of Onyx. “Letting Arrow handle our logistics challenges will enable us to focus on what we do best: creating unique, high-quality, reliable custom-built medical devices for our customers.”

“The Onyx product portfolio is a great addition to Arrow’s line card. In particular, Onyx’s medical-grade, all-in-one panel PC and pre-certified embedded motherboards will prove very useful to Arrow customers who are innovating in smart, connected medical solutions and the internet of things,” said Kristin Russell, global president of Arrow’s intelligent systems business. “We look forward to supporting Onyx’s continued growth and market expansion with Arrow’s unparalleled global logistics and supply chain capabilities.”

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