Arrow Electronics enters into global IoT solutions collaboration with Microshare

Arrow Electronics has teamed with Microshare Inc. to provide Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at scale to global enterprise customers. The two companies will deliver IoT solutions to clients in facilities management, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare and other sectors across the world.

“Microshare has the vision and capacity to scale IoT and manage the resulting torrents of data for global portfolios,” said Kristin Russell, president of Arrow`s global services business. “Their growing portfolio enhances the options we offer to the market.”

By combining Arrow’s worldwide distribution and support capabilities with Microshare’s preconfigured, fit-for-purpose solutions, the collaboration will deliver IoT solutions at global scale with ease of deployment.

The vision behind the collaboration combines Microshare’s Smart Buildings IoT products with vast reach and support capabilities.

Microshare’s pre-configured solution kits include sensors, LoRaWAN network connectivity, dashboards, alerts, and simple step-by-step instructions that can be installed by non-technical personnel to start producing data on “day one.”

The collaboration delivers complete services, from sourcing solution components, packaging and deploying to customers, providing installation and managing warranty, repair and returns.

“The current landscape, particularly in commercial real estate, is crowded with one-off point solutions that do not scale easily and therefore leave a lot of the ROI on the table,” said Ron Rock, Microshare CEO and co-founder. “Our agreement with Arrow allows us to provide seamless delivery for a growing portfolio of solutions that enable enterprise clients to execute their IoT strategy at their own pace.”

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