Arkados announces initial smart building application on its Arktic software platform

Arkados Group, vendor of scalable and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions focused on industrial automation and energy management, launched Tuesday its Energy Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Smart Building application based on the Arktic software platform.

Leveraging the computing capabilities of Arktic with its scalability and interoperability and its integration with sensors and gateways, the EM&V application is designed to gather, store and analyze energy consumption data and enable better decision making, reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity, and deliver a higher bottom line for facilities managers and property owners.

For Arkados Group, the release of the Arktic EM&V application represents the company’s move towards developing technology solutions for the industrial Internet of Things and brings them to market.  With the Arktic EM&V application, Arkados is able to bring full-featured solutions to a range of customers in large addressable markets and optimize return on investment.

The Arktic EM&V is designed to enable the implementation of multiple types of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, light, energy and water consumption, motion and occupancy, indoor air quality and noise, that can gather information throughout a building or complex.

The engine within the application can provide for initial benchmarking to determine the unique building signature and be used for continuous monitoring to yield insights that may not otherwise be evident.

The benefits of the Arktic EM&V, which is based on the principals of the International Performance M&V Protocol, are reductions in energy costs, improvements in environmental conditions, improving sustainability, lowering operational and maintenance costs and extending the useful life of lighting, HVAC and other systems.

“The release of the Arktic EM&V application is a significant milestone in the Company’s growth,” states Arkados Group CEO, Terrence DeFranco. “Measurement and Verification ensures the accurate assessment of an investment in energy and water efficiency, such as demand management, energy conservation measures, renewable energy projects and indoor air quality. Our application not only automates the process, but is capable of providing a valuable feedback loop of useful data so facilities managers can gain the insights required to maintain an optimization of conditions in the building.  We plan to offer the EM&V application through a subscription model and believe that our ability to scale the platform to include other valuable applications in the future will give us a great competitive advantage in our services business.”


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