Anyware Smart Adaptor adds sensor-rich functionality to lighting; facilitates home control and monitoring

Connected home/Internet-of-Things (IoT) startup, Anyware Solutions, launched its Smart Adaptor for home automation providing with its a patent-pending design makes that makes it the world’s smartest and smallest connected lamp socket adaptor.

Easy to install and simple to use, the Smart Adaptor offers new functionality — from simple light control to climate monitoring — with its built-in ambient light, sound, temperature and humidity sensors.

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is designed to assist everyday routines. Its form factor and placement in a lamp socket is ideal for an array of uses in addition to controlling the light. It is configured and controlled through via an app, currently available for iOS and Android, with a cloud solution as backbone.

All functionality is presented in small,  secure programs in the accompanying app (called ‘scenes’) that can be activated manually by one tap. In addition, the scenes can be run according to schedules or set to constantly monitor, for example, indoor climate conditions or ‘listen’ for intrusion whenever the house is empty.

“We are announcing the Anyware Smart Adaptor on Kickstarter, because it’s the perfect venue for startups like ours to engage in close dialogue with future customers and create game-changing solutions,” said Jan H. Christiansen and Morten Bremild, co-founders of Anyware Solutions. “Funding will help us get our product prototypes to beta testing this summer, with schedule for delivery to backers in early 2017.”

Users may configure their own scenes, and the Anyware Smart Adaptor comes with an already pre-configured set of scenes, such as preventive burglar control that combines advanced lighting control and sound detection capabilities with geofencing (home proximity detection) to deter and detect intrusion attempts; baby alarm that lets children fall asleep with lights on (users can set the light in the child’s room to be dimmed during 20 minutes and then be notified if there is still noise in the room after the light has switched off).

Using advanced lighting control, scenes such as Home Cinema will allow users to set the ideal movie watching mood light with one tap on a smartphone; indoor climate monitoring will enable users to be notified if the temperature or humidity sensors detect poor or unhealthy indoor climate conditions; remote monitoring can be controlled from anywhere, especially for holiday home security and monitoring.

“We are challenging the conventional wisdom of the smart home industry, and empowering the user by introducing the world’s smallest smart adaptor with the richest functionality yet, giving users the freedom to choose the light bulbs that they want in their home,” Bremild added. “We approached the engineering challenge from the angle of what you could do with a smart adaptor, if it were designed properly.”

The Anyware Smart Adaptor is currently available for pre-order at special introductory prices on Kickstarter. The suggested retail price for the Anyware Smart Adaptor will work out to around US$53, excluding sales taxes, and is set to be available in volume shipment by January next year.

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