Alphaserve Technologies enhances AI offerings with new subsidiary to improve machine analytics

Alphaserve Technologies, provider of managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services, announced this week its formation of a new subsidiary in conjunction with its longtime consultant and leading data science provider Machine Analytics.

Regarded for its data analytics and data fusion technologies, Machine Analytics takes on a key role in Alphaserve’s delivery of custom artificial intelligence solutions that help firms insert data-driven intelligence into business decisions.

With its investment in forming a new data science company, Alphaserve is commercializing the frameworks developed by Machine Analytics to bring the power of data science to its clients in the legal, financial and professional services verticals. The Machine Analytics approach combines internal and external data, including knowledge from subject matter experts, to provide a holistic view of all data, both structured and unstructured.

Founded in 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Machine Analytics is led by business analytics and data fusion expert Dr. Subrata Das. The company applies cutting-edge AI and machine and deep learning technologies to develop customized solutions for clients in government and business.

Das, who has published several books on analytics and data fusion, is on faculty with academic institutions including Villanova and Northeastern University and serves as a research and development consultant with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He has collaborated with leading scientists from NASA and consults with the U.S. Department of Defense, through which the Machine Analytics core platforms were originally funded.

Alphaserve spent more than two years researching leading AI technologies and methodologies and evaluating their proofs of concept before selecting a collaboration partner in bringing these solutions to its clients in the legal market. The company began working with Machine Analytics in 2015 and found it to be the ideal fit.

“By leveraging the sophisticated platforms of Machine Analytics, Alphaserve expands its offering around vertical AI solutions – bespoke applications that are custom-designed for specific practice areas within a firm,” says Alphaserve CEO Arup Das. “Using these frameworks, we’re able to offer a new approach that goes beyond basic commodity AI by creating applications for individual practice areas including employment law, M&A, litigation and e-discovery and others. Our tailored solutions insert data-driven intelligence into the firms’ business decisions, creating measurable value for our clients.”

Machine Analytics founder and chief data scientist Subrata Das adds, “Our core platforms and analytics tools are built using cutting-edge AI and machine and deep learning technologies that provide unparalleled solutions and measurable outcomes. Our team is excited to use our powerful data analytics to arm clients with the knowledge they need to make evidence-based business decisions.”

Machine Analytics consults with clients to understand their unique business processes, then uses a proof-of-concept-based approach to deliver practical applications of data analytics. Once the AI tools are built and turned over to the client, the client is able to utilize customized code embedded in its bespoke solution.

Last December, Alphaserve Technologies announced its offering for law firm clients: CISO as a service. While the term is often used in specific reference to the role of chief information security officers, Alphaserve’s latest service goes beyond support at the executive leadership level.

The company consults with law firms to provide bespoke solutions starting with a needs assessment based on firm size and maturity that helps define the optimal level of support for each client.

Alphaserve’s CISO as a service offering covers all aspects of data security from policy creation and developing custom frameworks to implementation of compliance and technical protocols to education and continued monitoring of security systems.

The company created its own security operations center to use for client support and assembled a team of veteran security experts from multiple industries. Leveraging their combined knowledge and best practices, Alphaserve can help clients drive regulatory compliance across the diverse industries comprising each law firm’s client portfolio.


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