Adlink debuts MLC 5 Series medical panel computer to optimize patient care processes

Adlink Technology, provider of building blocks and application-ready Intelligent Platforms (ARiPs) for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), launched this week the MLC 5 Series medical panel computer, equipped with a 5th generation Intel Core i7 processor and delivering outstanding computing performance to enable easy management and integration of information from PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), EHR (Electronic Health Records) and other clinical data systems.

The MLC 5 Series includes the standard version MLC 5-21/23 and high-end version MLC 5-21/23 HE, which offers nine illuminated function keys and a dimmable reading light for keyboard illumination; these features allow physicians to use computing solutions in any area of their facility to enhance the workflow in hospital environments.

The MLC 5 Series medical panel computer delivers increased balance of CPU/media performance and low power consumption, along with enhanced security and I/O flexibility. Wireless connectivity via both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported to provide flexible usage in a wide range of application settings.

Designed to meet the demanding needs of healthcare facilities requiring accurate medical imaging and easy access to patient data, the new medical panel computer provides two ultra HD (3840X2160) display ports as standard equipment to support external monitors as required by modern healthcare applications.

The MLC 5 Series is also equipped with galvanic isolated COM ports and LAN ports to connect to medical devices for enhanced safety. As a matter of course, it is designed with electromagnetic emission shielding according to all relevant standards, minimizing interference with other equipment, and is in full accordance with IEC/EN-60601-1 and IEC/EN-60601-1-2.

The line also offers a 21.5” and 23.8” full HD capacitive touchscreen with anti-glare coating and optical bonding for enhanced viewing capability. Multi-touch gesture control is supported, even when wearing protective gloves. The fully-sealed aluminum housing protects against dust and liquid intrusion for critical patient monitoring in ORs (Operating Rooms), ICUs (Intensive Care Units) or surgical intervention rooms, and also allows the use of all commonly used disinfectants and cleaning agents.

In contrast to standard PCs, the new medical panel computer’s IP65-rated, fully-sealed, gap-free, flat surface housing and fanless design prevents accumulation of microbes in order to maintain the hygienic conditions necessary in medical environments.

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