AT&T unveils secure private networking offering for IoT; adds it to AT&T NetBond ecosystem

AT&T announced Thursday that it is assisting businesses to better secure and manage connected devices on their networks. The cloud-based AT&T Control Center, powered by Cisco Jasper, helps businesses launch, manage and monetize IoT services. It will now have greater security by adding AT&T NetBond connectivity.

The solution will give businesses highly secure connectivity to leading cloud service providers and to their own data centers. The connection travels through the AT&T Virtual Private Network (VPN), isolated from public internet risks. It also saves costs through work resources on demand, and consistent and predictable performance.

Businesses get a single IoT solution that helps protect them from security breaches; gain strategic insight, view data usage, costs to performance and provisioning status; control costs by accessing automated overage controls, notifications and rules; troubleshoot instantly by running detailed diagnostics on any device, online and in near real-time; and manage operations more efficiently and control devices directly from their own apps.

AT&T Control Center is the latest in a list of leading cloud solutions to join the AT&T NetBond ecosystem. NetBond users can access as many as 20 cloud services and the NetBond ecosystem includes more than 17 providers of cloud, application, infrastructure, and integration services.

The AT&T NetBond can protect the network from online threats like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. NetBond delivers enterprise-grade security by taking traffic off the public Internet; creating a highly secure connection between your VPN and the cloud; and isolating cloud’s traffic from that of other traffic via proprietary technology.

It can also network with up to 50 percent lower latency. NetBond maximizes performance by letting users route traffic from all connected devices and locations directly to the cloud provider; avoiding the slow downs associated with sending traffic to the cloud through your data centers (“hairpinning”); and automatically scaling up bandwidth to accommodate peak traffic loads.

“AT&T NetBond isn’t just about connecting customers to their clouds. It offers simple, scalable, and highly secure software-defined connections for all businesses,” said Mo Katibeh, Senior Vice President, AT&T Advanced Solutions.  “Bringing our IoT solutions into AT&T NetBond keeps businesses’ critical IoT devices, workloads and information off of the public internet and on a private network. That brings inherent security and latency benefits at an incredibly affordable price.”

“The industry is growing rapidly with analysts forecasting there will be tens of billions of connected devices by 2020.  This acceleration will introduce new risks for businesses,” said Chris Penrose, President, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T. “By integrating AT&T Control Center and AT&T NetBond, we can give businesses a robust and highly secure solution to address those risks.”

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