8base releases blockchain-based platform and collaborative ecosystem

8base launched on Thursday its collaborative software development ecosystem. 8base leverages blockchain technology to allow software authors, contributors, and users all over the world to work in concert to rapidly and cost-effectively develop and launch enterprise-class software.

The company is founded by Albert Santalo, who has a longstanding track record of conceiving, funding, launching, and scaling technology-centric businesses, including CareCloud and Avisena.

8base reduces the amount of effort and technical competency required to build and host applications through its platform and provides a set of powerful development tools, using scalable, serverless architecture that can automate both mundane applications as well as infrastructure level tasks. This liberates top developers to focus on high-value work while also enabling citizen developers, people with only moderate technical skills, to create robust applications without the need to write any code.

“Although still early in its evolution, we recognize that blockchain has irreversibly changed the world. Businesses who fall flat-footed to this and other trends and continue leveraging outdated approaches to technology transformation are in serious peril,” said Santalo.

In addition, a collaborative 8base ecosystem will include a reputation management system that rewards participants for their contributions. This novel approach is based on an 8base “reputation score” that is assigned to all developers in the ecosystem. The score functions as a social trust mechanism, similar to the use of aggregated reviews in online markets such as Airbnb and Uber.

However, 8base is further enhanced by the blockchain, due to its ability to engage users securely and incent different parties to interact with one another cooperatively. A system of 8base tokens — known as “pieces of eight” — will also act as a compensatory layer to reward the community’s members and incentivize the creation of value for peers.

Furthermore, 8base insists on superior, modern user experience as a pillar of its operations to fulfill the promise of no-code development while maximizing engagement within its community.

“The large majority of our competitors in no-code and low-code development built their products 15 years ago, in a world without the iPhone or Android, Amazon Web Services, and certainly not blockchain or AI. By contrast, 8base was created in and for the era of blockchain, artificial intelligence, sensors, and other technological advancements that are crucial to the future of businesses — while understanding and leveraging the power of the developer ecosystem at every step of the way,” said Andrei Anisimov, 8base’s VP of Technology.

“User experience is the cornerstone of everything we do at 8base,” said Santalo. “It is no longer acceptable to build ugly software. 8base’s products make it virtually impossible to do so. We recognize that neither 8base by itself, nor any other software company that follows the ‘walled garden’ approach, can drive this transformation alone.  Instead, 8base delivers an open platform that harnesses the power of software authors, contributors, and users into a unified, curated effort. By creating a network effect, software is propelled forward in an unprecedented manner.”

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