40Cloud, Locus Energy partner to offer cyber security and network management for solar fleets

40Cloud, a cloud infrastructure security broker in the FireMon product portfolio, announced on Thursday a partnership with Locus Energy to provide a secure private network solution to facilitate remote operation and maintenance of commercial, industrial, and utility-scale PV solar systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next frontier for securing the hybrid enterprise. With billions of devices communicating with enterprise systems, there are now billions more potential compromises for the expanding attack surface.

For Locus Energy, network reliability and security are crucial, as its solar monitoring and data analytics platform serves more than 160,000 systems monitoring a significant portion of U.S. solar generation.

Enterprises with IoT strategies will often have thousands of policies governing which users and devices can interact with each other. FireMon alleviates the burden on security teams to manage each of those policies, providing a consolidated, real-time picture of access controls across the enterprise – both on-premises and in the cloud. In addition, orchestration capabilities reduce the time and errors associated with provisioning access to ensure secure access is granted in a timely manner.

“Our customers require uninterrupted performance of their solar fleets,” said Anil Ramachandran, Hardware Product Manager at Locus Energy. “That’s why security is so important to us. We must be able to lock down access to and from each connected device. With the complexity of our network, a solution like 40Cloud makes that possible.”

“By creating a more interconnected world, we have greatly increased computing power but have also introduced security management complexities,” said 40Cloud co-founder Amir Naftali. “There isn’t a single playbook to IoT security; however, we do know that sound policy is at the foundation just as it is for any security program. The 40Cloud solution enables organizations to establish and manage secure cloud connections with speed and accuracy.”


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